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March 12, 2008

Back in the writing saddle

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My recent blogerrific ways have been proof of something happening that I really wasn’t aware of while I was in the middle of the process.  I removed myself from antidepressants a few months back, as soon as I went on flying status.  While I was on the Lexapro, and for the months preceding it where I was struggling so hard that it caused me to be willing to go that route, I was writing for doodly.  During those very tough months pre-Lexapro, I would think of writing and just be too tired to care, and unable to believe that anyone else would care.  While on the Lexapro, I couldn’t hold a coherent creative thoughtstream long enough to write.  While depression isn’t good for my writing ability, antidepressants are evidently the last coffin nail.

Anyway, I’m under a time crunch this morning–in a Nashville hotel, and have to catch the shuttle in a little over an hour.  However, once I get my five legs of flight flown this morning (Nashville-St.Louis-New Orleans-St.Louis-Tulsa-St.Louis), I have five days off!  Woo-hoo… Looking forward to getting some more writing done.


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  1. Keep on writing, Lisa! You got talent.

    Comment by Steve Manning — March 18, 2008 @ 1:37 am | Reply

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